You treasure a picture because you appreciate it.

We frame it so that everyone can.


Accents Now Operates Completely by Appointment

Picture Frames

At the end of 2020 we opted to downsize away from Home Decor and focus on what we do best – Designing and Creating beautiful Custom Picture Frames.

Accents began as “The Frame Shop” back in 1975. Since that time, we have had thousands of treasures come across our Design Table and listened to the stories associated with each of them.

We are experts at taking that fine art, photo, poster or document that you love and appreciate, and putting it into a picture frame package that shows it off and allows everyone else to enjoy. That’s why we say …

You treasure a picture because you appreciate it.

We frame it so that everyone else can, too!

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Custom Picture Frame Design

It’s the little things that make a big difference in the look and feel of a room. Our design process will quickly identify a small set of options (from thousands available) that will

  • Set your art apart – so when someone enters the room, they will be attracted to it.
  • Keep their focus ON the image, not the picture frame.

Once your piece has their attention, you can finish the story behind it. Our quality framework protects your art so that it lasts a lifetime.

Gift Frames

One byproduct of our Custom Picture Framing services is extra frame moulding material which we turn into one-of-a-kind gift frames in standard sizes – 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10. These are top quality frames that we sell for a fraction of the what we would charge for a custom frame design – typically $25 – $45.

Accents are the little things

that make a big difference in the look and feel of a room.

We’ve been helping people make their homes look great since 1975.

Accents Now Operates Completely by Appointment

Products and Services

Good Design

Using the basic elements of design (color, shape, texture, and pattern) can improve how any living space feels for everyone, including you. When it comes to telling your story through the pictures on the wall, design makes all the difference. A good design displays the art, protects it from the elements, and presents it for all to see and enjoy.

It's in the Details

It can be a photo of your children on the table in the living room; how a plant softens an otherwise harsh corner in the entryway; or just the subtle hint of lavender, apple, or other natural scent a visitor catches as they walk inside your home. Visitors remember the impression and experience they get from the smaller elements of your decor.

Expertise and Care

We pay attention to the little things because they matter. We are happy to share our experience and design expertise so that you can take any room in your home and make it warmer. As you gather mementos of life experiences that you cherish and want to keep safe forever, bring them in and we will craft a beautiful custom picture frame design that will show it off.

You treasure a picture because you appreciate it.

We frame it so that everyone can.


I brought two oddly shaped prints to Accents and was welcomed by the staff who spent lots of time consulting with me on just the right frames. The staff is kind, friendly and knowledgable. The quality of the work is great and this is a place that takes pride in its work. I bought two pretty pricey frames but they will last for a lifetime. Lovely shop with a well stocked cute gift area. The antidote to McFrame shops like Aaron brothers. A family owned business – and it shows.
Jennifer F.

Templeton, CA


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You Treasure a Picture Because You Appreciate It ..

We Frame It So That Everyone Can!