Accents are the little things that make a big difference in the look and feel of a room.

It can be a photo of your children on the table in the living room, how a plant softens an otherwise harsh corner in the entryway … or just the subtle hint of lavender, apple or other natural scent a visitor catches as they walk inside your home. They may see the couch or some other large furniture, but visitors remember the impression and experience they get from the smaller elements of your decor.

Using even the basic elements of design (color, shape, texture & pattern) can improve how any living space feels for everyone (including you). When it comes to telling your story through the pictures on the wall, design makes all the difference. A good design presents the art … protects it from the elements … and presents it for all to see and enjoy.

We pay attention to the little things because they matter. We are happy to share our experience and design expertise so that you can take any room in your home and make it friendlier and more livable. As you gather mementos of life experiences that you cherish and want to keep safe forever, bring them in and we will craft a beautiful custom picture frame design that will show it off. After all …

“You treasure a picture because you appreciate it … We frame it so that everyone can.”